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We are dedicated to navigating the pain of grief to experiencing the inner healing of peace. Realizing that grief is real. We are dedicated to walking grievers through the process in a timely matter! It has no regard to race, creed, class, or color. It affects all in a uniquely matter.

We will establish spiritual agendas that will effectively meet and serve the need of others by being committed to study and train others of the need for grief care in everyday walk of life. This network is documented as an ever-learning experience for our group.


Executive Leadership Team

  1. Elder Gloria L. Burton – Visionary, Founder, President & Grief Counselor

  2. Elder Wendy Hill -Executive Administrator 

  3. Mrs. Onika Langford – Executive Administrator Support

  4. Mr. Jeremy Langford – Chief Financial Officer/Treasurer

Board of Directors

  1. 1. Elder Gloria L. Burton – Visionary, Founder, President, & Grief Counselor

  2. 2. Elder Toney Mullins - Hospitality Director/Public Relations 

  3. 3. Minister Nicosia Johnson-Jones  – Vice President/Public Relations

  4. 4. Mrs. Sandra Hutson – Team Leader/Teacher


Support Team

  1. Minister Edith Walker – Sunshine Committee 

  2. Mother Nancy Holmes – Prayer Intercessor

  3. Ms. Sandra Mullins – Telephone Technician

  4. Mrs. Lottie Mitchell – Telephone Technician

  5. Minister Yolunda Brown - Intercessor/Team Leader



  1. Rose Buds – Sandra Hutson - Certified Teacher

  2. Rose Buds - Bernadine Powell – Certified Teacher

  3. Precious Petals – Lavonda McPherson – Certified Teacher

  4. English Rose – Jeremy Langford – Facilitator 

  5. Perfect Rose - Wendy Hill – (Church) Certified Teacher

  6. Climbing Rose – Edith Walker –Certified Teacher

  7. Perfect Rose – Sandra Mullins – Teacher Admin.

  8. English Rose – Lottie Mitchell – Teacher Admin.

  9. Rhonda Richmond-Bell - Certified Teacher

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